Supporting Maritime Homeland Security and Other Maritime Preparedness Planning

NPA has helped develop a disaster management plan for ports and ferries. NPA has a long history of supporting maritime emergency preparedness, including maritime homeland security readiness.

Projects have included maritime homeland security exercises maritime emergency preparedness planning guidance development and emergency operations center training.

Our lead planner, Lee Rosenberg, is a retired Navy Captain who served a tour providing critical support to the U.S. Coast Guard. Our past projects have focused on ports and marine passenger transportation.

Disaster Management Plan for Ports

NPA provides disaster management plan for ports, and has supported port preparedness effort on the west coast for over 7 years. We have worked extensively with the Port of Oakland, a Tier 1 U.S. Port. Projects completed for the Port include:

  • Revising the Emergency Operations Plan
  • Developing an Emergency Communications Plan
  • Developing a Damage Assessment and Recovery Plan
  • Leading Emergency Radio Use Training
  • Tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises

NPA helps with maritime planning and preparedness for major disasters.NPA led the planning effort to the Portland, OR Regional Disaster Planning Office’s project to develop an Assessment and Gap Analysis of the Portland Metro Region’s Shipboard Threat Response Capabilities.

This effort included delivering a multi-state, multi-government level tabletop exercise which included the FBI and Coast Guard. NPA also supported maritime homeland security for this project by developing a detailed report analyzing anti-terrorism capabilities.

Preparedness Projects for Ferries

NPA has delivered multiple preparedness projects for ferry operators in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our work with the Water Emergency Transportation Authority, which operates the San Francisco Bay Ferry, is extensive.

NPA has developed maritime homeland security and disaster management plans for ports and ferries.

We have updated WETA’s Emergency Operations and Emergency Response Plans, delivered multiple preparedness exercises and conducted comprehensive training for EOC staff. NPA delivered the first ever WETA Hazard Mitigation Plan. This Plan builds Authority resiliency and supports mitigation grant applications.

In 2017, NPA led the planning effort to support Exercise Bay Ferry IV. This full-scale exercise, sponsored by Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, featured over 750 participants from 24 agencies.

The exercise spanned multiple days, included a series of training events and culminated in over 20 first responder vessels conducting round robin boardings to neutralize an active shooter on a ferry and provide first aid to victims.

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