Helping Local Governments with Emergency Preparedness:
City, County and Special Districts

Local GovernmentLocal Government

NPA staff have decades of experience delivering city emergency preparedness programs, as well as city, county and special district emergency operations plans (EOPs).

We have provided wrap-around support to update EOPs as well as creating tailored functional and incident specific annexes.

We specialize in fashioning, EOC activation and response checklists, position job aids and information collection templates. Our staff have delivered EOPs, LHMPs, training and exercises, public safety power shut off plans and conducted emergency preparedness program analysis for over 20 clients.

Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs)

NPA has supported the following organizations update their EOP:

  • City of Pittsburg
  • City of Redwood City
  • County of Inyo
  • Port of Oakland
  • Water Emergency Transportation Authority
  • City of Fairfield
  • City of Torrance
  • City of Hermosa Beach


Our staff have assisted a wide range of organizations develop or update LHMPs that meet the requirements of DMA-2000. We have well established relationships with the hazard mitigation staff at Cal OES and FEMA RIX which allows us to quickly complete their review processes and have the draft LHMP found “approvable pending adoption.” Representative LHMP projects include:

  • County of Tulare MJLHMP
  • Gila County AZ MJLHMP
  • Coconino County AZ MJLHMP
  • Water Emergency Transportation Authority LHMP
  • City of Pittsburg LHMP
  • City of Hermosa Beach LHMP
  • City of Artesia LHMP
  • City of Hawthorne LHMP
  • City of Victorville LHMP
  • City of Lynwood LHMP
  • Valley County Water District LHMP

Debris Plans

NPA has recently added disaster debris planning projects to our schedule of services. Our staff has extensive experience including developing state, county and city debris plans. Lee Rosenberg, our managing director, is a former FEMA RIX federal coordinator who administered federal oversight of disaster debris operations for presidentially declared disaster. Debris planning projects are currently underway including:

  • Cities of Dublin and Pleasanton Disaster Debris Plan
  • County of Del Norte Disaster Debris Plan
  • City of Sammamish Disaster Debris Annex
Municipal disaster recovery plan for Pittsburg CA
Tulare County emergency preparedness plan
NPA provides city emergency preparedness and plans for regional agencies like SF Bay Area WETA

Additional services for special district, county or city emergency preparedness consulting, see our Training and Exercises page.

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