Our Values

Navigating Preparedness Associates wants to help you chart a clear course to success.  We are committed to providing the highest quality services to meet security needs and to support preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters. Our purpose is to assist our clients by delivering tailored, assessments, actionable planning documents and realistic, value added exercises and training.

We are committed to the core values of:

  • Integrity – Providing honest, straightforward recommendations and advise
  • Quality – Delivering the best services we can each and every time
  • Value – Creating products that are individually tailored, useful and actionable
  • Fairness – Respecting all individuals and groups for their uniqueness
  • Environmental Stewardship – Operating a business that conserves and protects our planet’s people, resources and ecosystems

Our Services

Navigating Preparedness Associates offers a full range of health, and emergency preparedness solutions. We are thoroughly versed in developing NIMS/SEMS/ICS compliant plans and standard operating procedures. Our staff has delivered scores of HSEEP compliant exercises. We have developed sensitive security processes and programs. We tailor all of our products to meet your specific project needs.

Our services include:

  • Public health emergency preparedness and response
  • Emergency operations, response and recovery plans
  • Emergency management program development
  • Critical infrastructure emergency plans and exercises
  • HSEEP compliant preparedness exercise programs
  • Operations center SOPs
  • Catastrophic incident planning
  • Emergency communications support
  • DMA 2000 compliant hazard mitigation plans

Our Staff

Lee Rosenberg, CEM our Company Managing Director, is an accomplished executive and leader with over 35 years of experience. He has extensive skill executing a full range of emergency preparedness functions including operational and strategic planning, training and exercises and incident response operations Mr. Rosenberg has decades of real world contingency/response experience including serving as a Federal Coordinating Officer for FEMA RIX. He has an extensive background in field leadership, EOC management, hazard mitigation, and long range emergency program development. He successfully served as a Presidentially appointed coordinator supporting the efforts of private industry, and local, State and Federal governments during disasters. Additionally, he served 30 years in the Navy and retired at the rank of Captain. He is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

Amy Foster, MEP has more than ten years of operational and management experience in DHS programs with a professional concentration in the HSEEP guided exercise design and training. She has designed, conducted and evaluated over 85 exercises under DHS’ National Exercise Division, and through public agency and private industry initiatives. As a certified MEP, she has demonstrated proficiency in HSEEP and related program elements including project management, and coordination and support roles in exercises ranging from informational seminars through multi-jurisdiction full scale exercises. She currently supports the U. S. State Department’s, Office of Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance Team as an instructor at international sites.

Anne Carta is a skilled emergency management professional with an enthusiasm for supporting individuals and organizations to prepare for disasters. Her experience includes working with local, state and federal agencies planning, coordinating and executing large-scale, multi-jurisdiction, multi-agency exercises. She has prepared emergency response training courses and developed detailed, actionable emergency plans. While working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, she coordinated and implemented assurance and compliance activities across security and emergency services programs to comply with U.S. Department of Energy  and University of California requirements.

Spencer Robert has six years of experience working for several emergency management agencies at multiple governmental levels, which has provided him substantial experience and understanding of the field.  He has a deep understanding of ESRI based products such as Arc GIS.  He brings  technical expertise in mapping and public safety communications.  Most recently, Mr. Robert joined the Type III All-hazard North Bay Incident Management Team to serve as their GIS Technical Specialist.

Our Experience

Navigating Preparedness Associates (NPA) was founded in 2014 by Lee Rosenberg. Since its formation, NPA has completed numerous emergency preparedness projects. Our clients include the counties, cities, special districts, private enterprise and unique authorities. We deliver exceptional quality products including emergency preparedness program analysis, EOP updates, operations center SOP, Dam EAP, and complex HSEEP compliant exercises ranging from seminars to full scale events.

Our experience includes a strong focus on preparedness plan development, EOC training and operational exercises, and planning for critical infrastructure restoration after catastrophic disasters. Our staff has supported revising the San Francisco Bay Water Emergency Transportation Authority Emergency Plan and EOP, and the Port of Oakland Facility Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan. We have delivered complex, multi-agency functional and full scale exercises and EOC training programs

We are responsive, professional and supportive. All of our products are individually tailored for each client. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of quality and value for every project.